Angelic & Energetic

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Witnessing the total solar eclipse August 2017 inspired Anke Sabo’s new direction of atmospheric and astrology infused artwork.
The ethereal art lives somewhere between abstract and realism, sometimes not even of this world.

The artwork strives to portray a sense of the invisible energy, often described as ethereal, divine or heavenly.

In the abstract aerialscapes the celestial imagination is represented by the gold leaf in the artwork and the grounded energy of mother earth is depicted by the oil paint.

In Living Spaces

Wall Art Installations

The Angelic Collection

Take a peek inside the atmosphere

The Energetic Collection

Take a peek inside the atmosphere

"Experiencing the total solar eclipse in 2017 was such a profound emotional moment. I didn't expect it to be life changing."

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Intuitive Infusion

The essence of every artwork is inspired by the moon phases and astronomical events of the moment of creation.

About the Artist

Anke Sabo is a mixed media artist based in Lake Country, British Columbia who shapes light and shadow of nature into bold, yet elegant art.

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Material Modus

The material of the artwork mainly consists of gold, white gold or copper leaf and highly pigmented oil paint.

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